A selection of conceptual drawings made between 2018 - 2023. They record the process accompanying the search for form in the installation Non–Humans and a new series the Deconstruction of Survival. Materials: fine liner, black ink and charcoal on paper. Dimensions: 20 x 30/30 x 40/100 x 70 cm.

The Deconstruction of Survival' drawing. Photo from the Put out the Sun. Kill the Birds exhibition. Nowy Sącz, Poland, 2022.

The first circle is a sketch on paper. It is spontaneous. It concerns a specific event, image, emotion, fantasizing, dream. I draw more. I check various possibilities. I make sure. I predict. I plan. My job is based on fantasy, from it a sketch is made on paper that is a transformation of images. It usually is a larger than life image of the target form. It will be more complex, spatial and at the same time synthetic in its matter. It’s always different from drawing, but this drawing is important. It is an embryo, a new stage in a form's life. ​​​​​​​
I feel a strong need to realize, to change myself in the process. Sometimes I go through different phases and yet I come back to the drawing stage but it happens that the form is ready. Curiosity wins. I have to check what will be and then… what will be. The form is sometimes sketchy, sometimes not. It is loaded with my person, expression. A human hand. Climax is coming. Transition from paper and black marker strokes into space. The fight begins.
Non–Humans' Drawings



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The Deconstruction of Survival' Drawings


Text: Jan Gostyński
Photo: Jan Gostyński

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